Join us in praying for the body of Christ, political leaders, and neighbours that are affected by climate change.

Prayers for Churches and Christians

  1. Pray for Christians and churches in Canada to be awakened to the seriousness of the climate crisis and to realize their call to care and steward the earth. 
  2. Pray for the churches in Canada to teach and preach on climate care to all their congregations and to be praying for courage for bold climate action.
  3. Pray for Christian organizations like Earthkeepers, Climate Caretakers, Citizens for Public Justice, etc. who are working to advance climate care initiatives and to continue to take bold courage for climate action. 

Prayers for Leaders

  1. Pray that the governments of Alberta and Canada to be bold and to seriously move towards a just transition towards renewable energy, end fossil fuel subsidies, and stop the expansion of the tar sands and fracked gas. 
  2. Pray for a non-polarized dialogue and political climate in Canada so that we can focus on climate care solutions and not blame or partisanship.
  3. Pray for cooperation across political parties and levels of governments in Canada to act on the climate crisis, such as implementing the Pan Canadian Climate Framework, the Clean BC plan, a Just Transition strategy, other climate-sincere policies and for sustained momentum.    
  4. Pray that Canada will keep its Paris Agreement plans and targets, including the commitments to support poor and developing countries with climate mitigation and adaptation.  Pray that Canada will set ambitious targets and strategies to meet the IPCC recommended reduction requirements for a stable and livable climate  

Prayers for our neighbors

  1. Pray for the Wetsu’we’ten, Tsleil-Waututh, and other Indigenous peoples who are struggling to uphold their Indigenous rights against fossil fuel corporations and a de-escalation and an end to violence in their . 
  2. Pray for all our neighbors impacted by wildfires, cyclones, hurricanes and floods. Every single country is impacted by climate change – from our neighbors in the Pacific Islands at risk of losing their homes to rising sea levels; to our neighbors in Australia evacuated because of bushfires; to our neighbors in Africa trying to cope with Cyclone Idai and droughts in sub-Saharan Africa; to our neighbors in BC and Alberta who have faced record wildfires. 
  3. Pray for meaningful, well-paid work in renewable energy, clean technology, and energy-efficient technologies so that everyone can have work that gives dignity, and for those workers who would need to transition out of oil and gas industries.