‘The most important thing Christians can pray for is the courage for bold climate action.’

MP Elizabeth May shared this with one of our Earthkeepers leaders at the UN Climate Conference in 2019, when we asked what Christians could be praying for in the era of the climate crisis.

We started this decade with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reporting that climate pollution (greenhouse gas emissions) is continuing to increase across the globe, along with the increasing intensity of climate-change exacerbated disasters. 2019 closed off with over 15 incidents of climate-change exacerbated disasters costing over $1 trillion in damages.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report tells us that this decade is crucial for reducing climate pollution (greenhouse gas emissions) if we have any hope for a climate neutral future. We have seen the last decade end with unfulfilled climate promises and insincere climate policies from elected leaders around the world. Our neighbours here in Canada and around the world who have lost homes to wildfires, cyclones, hurricanes, or who have faced drought and failing crops cannot wait for another decade of unfulfilled promises.

Year of Prayer

This year at Earthkeepers, we are focusing on intercessory prayer for bold climate action. We are honoured to work alongside God in creation care, but despite our best efforts, only God can change hearts and minds of leaders, intervene and protect the suffering, and give us the courage to change and implement climate-sincere actions.

In the Scriptures, we have seen God intervene when God’s people humble themselves, turn from their ways, and honestly seek God through prayer. We will continue to act on the climate crisis, but we also need to spend more efforts and time in intercessory prayer to support that action. Jesus once said ‘Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you shall find.’ (Matthew 7:7).

We invite you to join us in asking and interceding to our Creator God and our Saviour Jesus Christ to intervene for creation, the people impacted, and to transform hearts and minds so that our leaders and all of society will have the courage to take bold climate action.

What You Can Do

  • Pick a time where you can pray and set a reminder to build a habit. It helps to choose the same time each day to build a rhythm. Lent is a great time to start climate prayer!
  • Look through the suggested prayer items for ideas or try a liturgical prayer. If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, even a simple prayer for courage for bold climate action by all our leaders and our churches is a good prayer.
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  • Sign up for the international Climate Intercessors campaign which connects you wth a global network of other intercessors in praying for COP26 and climate ministry