Selected Verses and Passages

First Testament

  • Gen1; 2:4-7—The goodness of the cosmos
  • Gen 2:15—The instruction to serve and preserve the garden
  • Gen 9:8-17—The divine covenant with all living beings and all of life
  • Lev 25:23-24—The ultimate owner of the land
  • Ps 8— The majesty of God’s works
  • Ps 65—Thanksgiving for divine blessings
  • Ps 104—Praising God as the creative source
  • Ps 148—Hymn of all the created reality praising God

Second Testament

  • Mt 6:25-34—Learning to trust like other living beings trust
  • Jn 1:1-5—The origins of all there is
  • Rom 8: 18-25—The groaning hope of liberation for all the created world
  • Col 1:15.23—The source and end of all things
  • Rv 21-22—The ultimate vision of the New Creation