EarthKeepers After COP21

The new aspirational limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius is being heralded as a tremendous victory by some, while others feel that it has too many loopholes, no actual mechanisms to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and leaves vulnerable nations at risk with the largest emitters unaccountable. Since there is no binding policy to actually achieve even 2 degrees, this new target, while stronger than many expected, could mean virtually anything, or nothing at all.
So, now, onto the real challenge, and where we all come in. Without a solid framework with which to meet any warming limit, we will fall short of what is needed to do so. We all know that the transition away from fossil fuels is key to maintaining a livable planet, but the roadmap to get there is not at all clear.

Read Richard Heinberg’s (Senior Fellow-in-ResidencePost Carbon Institute) open letter to climate leaders here.

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