Today people from more than 1,600 cities and communities around the world are set for what is likely to be the largest climate mobilization in human history. Albeit their limitations, marches like these often function like catalysts that bring diverse streams together; in this case pursuing present and future atmospheric stability.

Earthkeepers is compelled to participate, seeing this event as an opportunity to partake in a pilgrimage of sorts. And so we extend the invitation to join us as we pray and walk, asking our Creator to forgive and awaken us to respond to the cry of the members of the earth and of the plight of the most vulnerable. (It will also be a sunny day full of good music and great speeches – including one by Earthkeepers’ member Kaleeg Hainsworth.)Earth Keepers This Changes Everythinges Everything

As a follow up, we have also been partnering with six local Christian and faith-based organizations to screen This Changes Everything, a recent film on climate change. It will take place this Friday Dec 4th 6:45pm at Tenth Church Kitsilano, with a discussion to follow regarding faithful ways in which churches are responding to this pressing issue.

More info on the screening can be found here (facebook event here).