As earthkeepers, we recognize that it is true.

Fossil fuels have brought countless comforts to our human community. And yet, like never before, it’s now clear that the living world has an intricate integrity of its own, which we are disrespecting at our peril.


The challenges of climate change and the promises of climate justice lead us to reconsider our place in the world — a home where we have been invited, not as masters, but as guests.

There is a Way

Calling us to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly — a Way summoning us to be earthkeepers.

And that’s more of less why we exist: Earthkeepers is a citizen-led, ecumenical group in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, living into a biblical vision for ecology, love of neighbour, and climate justice.

see why climate change matters

Look around you.
To the air, water, and land that sustain us.
They make life possible.


change is urgent, but possible

And reconsider.
Grieve, pray, and stop.
If the world is good,
why do we continue to abuse it?


creative ways to respond to climate change

‘And above all, clothe yourselves with love’, we are reminded.